Graphic Art & Animation Services

TypeHost offers graphic art and digital animation services with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, AutoDesk Maya, Toon Boom, Art Rage, Sketchbook Pro, Blender, ZBrush, Manga, & Aurora 3D. Web animation, digital short films, posters, art prints, calendars, advertisements, business cards, stationery, icons, website graphics, and logos are all available for independent production on a contract basis or freelance through oDesk.

Graphic art can be integrated with desktop publishing for the production of media-rich publications like full-color ebooks, pdfs, brochures, and magazines. Website content can be remixed into other publications to make more efficient use of resources. Advertising campaigns for businesses can be designed according to niche, sector, mobile/website display sizes, etc.

Digital animation can range from 10 second loops to 3 minute cartoons or more advanced 1-2 hour features and seasonal series. Website owners that need unique graphic art content for icons, logos, and brand identity can contract for original designs. These services can also be integrated into part of a larger package for website or mobile development. Digital animation can also require large teams to produce, organized on an outsourced basis. TypeHost brings complex digital animation projects to publication on deadline at affordable rates.

Graphic Art Services¬†–¬†Photoshop, Illustrator, ZBrush, ArtRage, & SketchBook Pro

TypeHost Web Development provides integrated project management, systems administration, web development, graphic art, and programming for complex web publishing requirements that require teams. We use simple Agile & Scrum methodologies to manage distributed teams of online professionals to build CMS websites for clients. The hosting solutions implemented depend on the client’s choice or the particular requirements of the project under management. These range from shared hosting to VPS and elastic cloud deployments.

Digital Animation Services РAdobe Flash, AutoDesk Maya, Manga, & Toon Boom

Many small business owners and start-up website developers need to hire an experienced freelance systems administrator to maintain aspects of their project. TypeHost Web Development offers experienced project management and technical staff to complete the work at rates half the price of in-house IT workers. We save small businesses money by working on a contract basis and developing projects independently. Our services include remote systems administration for Linux, Windows, & BSD web servers.

TypeHost Web Development – Graphic Art & Digital Animation Services

If you are looking to hire an experienced systems administrator for Linux, Windows, or BSD web server administration, contact TypeHost Web Development directly for a project quote or hire us today on Upwork.

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